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the art 

of chase

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california, USA

Chase has painted more than 400 murals around the world. His work is concentrated in Los Angeles but also can be found in Tokyo, New York, Lisbon, Barcelona, London, Paris, Antwerp, Berlin, Amsterdam, Lyon and Prague amongst others. Chase has worked with CBS, UBER, Pepsi, Vans, Google, Spotify, Ray-Ban, Snapchat, Katy Perry, KIK, Twitter, Evite, CB2, TOMS Shoes, Flip Skateboards, Dickies, Altamont, Evite, Corona, Vitamin Water, Western Union, GUESS, Variety, Red Bull, Rolling Rock, Comedy Central, Aquafina, General Mills, Ministry of Sound, Budweiser, Puma, Levi’s, Scion, Acura, Elwood, KR3W, Andaz Hotels, Bloomingdale’s and Palmer Snowboards, amongst others.

special thanks to: ryan saunders

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