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artists q&a

Q. I’m interested in painting one of the panels. What should I do?


A. Artists must submit an application through It asks for your name, email address, a mobile phone number and examples of your art.


Q. Do I need to submit a sketch of the proposed art?


A. No, not if it’s generally consistent with your other art and you can just describe the concept (so we can appropriately place it). Kotis Street Art is all about helping street artists bring their visions to life. We’re only asking artists to fill out applications/submit ideas because: 1) We don’t want someone to cover a panel with profanity or paint something that’s offensive or insensitive to the young children visiting the gallery. Click here to see specific rules about that. 2) Street artists don’t have many places where they can practice their craft. They can get arrested for tagging buildings (or train cars) they don’t own. Our goal is to provide budding artists with a space to get a feel for the craft, and give more experienced artists somewhere to try out a new technique or a complex idea. We also want the community to see artists at work — and their finished products.


Q. Do artists have to pay anything to paint?


A. No, but we do ask that you bring your own supplies. 


Q. OK. I’ve submitted an application. Now what?  


A. If you’re approved, we’ll notify you via text, Instagram message or email with additional instructions. Buddha’s Belly, a graffiti shop adjacent to the gallery, is your one-stop-shop for access. It’s where you’ll show your photo ID; pick up and return your pass (which you’re required to display at all times while painting); and sign a release form. You also can buy spray paint and other supplies there.


Q. Are there other nearby places to buy paint and supplies?


A. There’s Buddha’s Belly Graffiti Shop adjacent to the gallery, a Sherwin-Williams a couple blocks from the gallery at 108 Pisgah Church Road. It’s open seven days a week; click here for hours. Other possibilities nearby include Home Depot at 3215 Brassfield Road and Lowe’s Home Improvement, 3001 Battleground Ave. 


Q. Will my image stay on the panel forever?


A. No. A visit from Banksy notwithstanding, we’ll likely paint over your work at some point to make way for other pieces from other artists.


Q. Do artists get paid for their work at the Outdoor Street Art Gallery?


A. No, but Kotis Street Art has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to artists — local, national and international — for commissioned pieces around Greensboro. Here’s an interactive map of their locations. Reach out to us for upcoming commissions and paid walls.


Q. With only 46 panels, you’ll probably have more demand than supply. Will Kotis Street Art open more outdoor galleries in Greensboro?


A. That’s the plan. We’re hoping to add 140 more panels on our Tracks Bazaar project downtown. We’re also working to create four free wall areas in the north, south, east and west parts of the city.

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