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guests q&a

Q. Where is the gallery?


A. It’s at 1316 Lee’s Chapel Road at Church Crossing Shopping Center on Lees Chapel Road, near the corner of North Church Street. Once you pull into the center, look into the field to the right of the stores.


Q. Where should I park?


A. In the shopping center parking lot. We ask that you not drive through the gallery (the paths you see between panels are there for artists to haul in their equipment and for pedestrians).


Q. What are the hours?


A. The gallery is open from sunrise to 10 p.m. There are outdoor lights for nighttime viewing and painting, but we’ll turn them off when we close for the night.


Q. Does it cost anything to walk through the gallery?


A. Nope. It’s free. The beauty of public art is that it is accessible to everyone. 


Q. Museums and art galleries usually have a bunch of rules about what you can and can’t do. What about your gallery? 


A. We’re prohibiting a handful of things, most based on a simple principle: Don’t break the law. Here’s a more formal list of rules. Also, our panels are reserved for artists (who must submit an application to paint), so don’t go getting any bright ideas about creating your own masterpiece without our consent. And we want to avoid unsupervised group gatherings, so no picnics, weddings, parties …


Q. Wait. Did you just say weddings? Do you really think someone would hold a wedding there?


A. Sure, why not? Notice we said “unsupervised” gatherings are prohibited. If you’d like to rent our outdoor gallery for an event — even a wedding — contact our catering company, The Painted Plate.


Q. “And the award for best cross-promotion of a sister company goes to (opens envelope) …”


A. We’d like to thank the academy.


Q. Are there public restrooms on site?


A. No. But there are several restaurants and shops nearby with public facilities, including McDonalds, Chick-fil-A, Bojangles, Starbucks and Panera Bread.


Q. Anything else we should know?

A. Yes. Please practice the “leave no trace” philosophy: Don’t litter. And if you happen to notice any trash, consider throwing it away for us.

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