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We're passionate about changing the landscape of Greensboro, NC.  Beautiful architecture, cool concepts, interesting businesses and stunning art are all tools in our toolbox.  We've invested in some amazing artists, local and international, to help give our city and projects a colorful outdoor gallery that everyone can enjoy.

Our collection of walls is now big enough to have its own website and social media presence.  Kotis Street Art is designed to make it easier for visitors to find our walls and learn about the artists who created them, identify available walls and commissions, and centralize all our information and efforts regarding street art.

Kotis Street Art
Marty and Insane forces behind Kotis Street Art

We’ve been actively incorporating art into our projects since 2010, but ramped up our street art efforts mid 2017.  We now have over 100 installations gracing our curated walls.

Our team includes many members of the Kotis Holdings/Kick Ass Concepts organization who support the artists as they create art on our walls.  That often includes members of our construction and marketing team members.  Our goal through our real estate and hospitality team is to make the artists feel confident that they have the tools and support to create great art.  We want our artists to be able to create some of their most ambitious projects and have a great time along the way!

about marty kotis

"I've always been interested in changing the landscape of a city. I've been curating buildings for a long time. Now, I'm curating art as well as whole districts of the city." -Marty Kotis, of Kotis Street Art

Marty Kotis is a commercial real estate developer, restaurateur and entrepreneur who loves to explore the world and bring back ideas and concepts to the Carolinas.  


He started developing the Midtown area of Greensboro in 1992, taking a run down industrial area and making it one of the most vibrant retail and restaurant areas in the city.  His high-aesthetic, architecturally-interesting buildings often have historic brick details, arches, large show windows, and are built to last.  One building might be inspired by an Andreas Palladio design and another by a trainstation in London.


Kotis gained a greater appreciation for street art through his travels including Urban Spree in Berlin, Upfest in Bristol, and Shoreditch in London.  His initial efforts included artwork for restaurant concept interiors and exteriors starting in 2010, then led to work with local artists and curators who were seeking walls, and by 2017 he was curating and recruiting international artists.

Marty Kotis
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