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the 3rd

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greensboro, nc, USA

I am a longtime designer, animator, illustrator, tinkerer, maker, ... all of the "er's" really. I spent my whole life trying to avoid the fact that I was named after my father, who was in turn named after his father. Mostly because the bourgeoisie implications of being "the third" didn't jive with my teenage rebellion, but also because there's no good way to indicate it when filling out paperwork online. (Do I put three i's, a 3, or what?) But when creating a brand, Edwards Design or some such thing seemed so anemic and safe, and I don't have enough employees to use a misspelled noun or something cool with an ampersand. So I'm embracing my lineage, while also leaving some wiggle room for artistic interpretation; the third eye, the third dimension... this is where it all happens. Let's get at it.

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