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continuous tag design contest!

We're hosting a friendly design contest that will continually change the Kotis Street Art tag! Win $500 if your tag gets picked! 


1. Contest will have ongoing submissions = No deadlines!

2. If you submit a design we love after we've already chosen one,

your design could win and be tagged over our previous pick!

3. All chosen tags will be featured on our site, so you can see the evolution of the Kotis Street Art tag!


1. Design a tag for 'Kotis Street Art'

2. Submit your design with your basic info and a brief description of your tag. 

3. All submissions must be a .jpeg or .png file format, file size is 15 MB.

4. We will contact you if your design is chosen!

If you are an artist that does not have any experience with digital creation, please try to take the most head-on photo of your artwork as possible. 

upload file

thanks for submitting!

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