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Spud1 has been a fixture in the Toronto urban and underground art scene for more than 18 years. An accomplished artist; he loves the thrill of finding unconventional spaces to showcase his talent.


Spud1’s passion for art has grown along with his talent. He is a well-rounded artist that is capable of working with all types of mediums and images, and specializes in working collaboratively with other artists. 


SpudBomb was founded by SPUD1 in 2010, when he traveled across Europe, covering many cities with his funny and happy SpudBomb characters and happy Grenades. Spudbomb is a collective of Spud1’s art which started with graffiti and has progressed into many different areas of forms of art. Team SpudBomb is comprised of Spud1 & his partner Brooke, together they curate and manage various artists projects and large scale murals, both collaboratively and on behalf of Spud1 himself.

Spud1 has been the lead artist and curator of multiple large-scale mural installations & events with the City of Toronto's StreetARToronto, in addition Team Spudbomb has worked to curate lane way projects that see laneways turned into outdoor aerosol galleries for the past 5 years.  Spud1 was a featured artist in City of Toronto colouring book and has been successful in many grant applications installing huge murals within various communities, all exceptionally well received. In addition to this, his installation of the Pride Mural at Church and Wood received a special award for his dedication and activism in the TPS & StART Toronto partnership program.  Spud1 has been called upon to work on aeras of other artist murals to assist in tricky installations, as in the Sean Martindale “Tapestry of Movement” at the Toronto Coach Terminal.

Spud1 has worked with brands such as, Crystal Skull Vodka, CAT, Mountain Dew, and sketchers, just to name a few.

Team Spudbomb was awarded a partnership Grant through the City of Toronto to paint an over 2,000 square foot underpass and an invitation to paint a large mural at Concrete canvas festival in Hamilton. Spud1’s dedication and commitment to seeing the projects he is involved in through is only overshadowed by his installations themselves.

Spud1 continues to grow and evolve as an artist and is always looking for new and exciting opportunities to express himself and showcase his art.

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