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north carolina, USA
originally from guatemala

My taste and love for art was born from a young age at approximately 9 years old, thanks to my mother who is very good at drawing, (there is a deeper story behind), she was creating in me the desire to be able to grow in art, giving me the moral support, since our economy was not very good. Over the years I continued to draw, until for cultural reasons and good friends, I got to know hip hop and therefore Graffiti, 2009 during a hip hop festival where a large scale mural production was made, I gave myself  account of what Graffiti could do and this was the trigger for my interest in street art.  I started practicing with very few resources, aerosols were scarce in Guatemala at that time, and the most accessible were hardware aerosols, which had to survive.

I never belonged to any crew or team, (that's why I'm Ronin) but I grew up with friends who made music and others who also painted, some turned and are indispensable in my career, others taught important lessons, and others just like their style,  but I always liked to share and receive what I learned in the way of the wall and the spray. 2014 I married the woman of my life. 2015 is an important year since it was the year where I professionalized my art, getting to work constantly, even making art every day, 14 hours a day working on my techniques, canvas and walls, projects from beginning to end of which I am proud of,  because they taught very important things, but above all, in that year I began to fulfill a dream in a country where art has many obstacles. 2017 I took the second most important decision of my life, I travel to the USA, this means starting all over again, from scratch, in a place where street art is more evolved and advanced, where I will have more obligations and responsibilities, and knowing what  There is an imminent danger to my arts, I take the plane and today I am here. That same year, I continue practicing on canvas and against all odds, participated in the Meeting of Styles Houston, playing a good role, and fulfilling a dream, to paint for the first time in another country. 2018 continued with my canvas and I get a client that exploits my skills in realism, making a collection / series of Latin musicians, as well as my second participation in the Meeting of Styles Houston. 2019 at the end of March, there is a person with vision that believes and trusts me, supporting me in a way that I fulfill another dream, I realize my first mural on a large scale, with which I defeated many fears such as height, the feeling that have a fail, and many other things. But seeing the final product, feeling proud of what I achieved, I came to think that Graffiti is what gave shape to my life, led me to know many things, places where I did not think I was and a different language, I was given  Respect, I made see life in a different way, and understood that the pencil and spray are part of me, and that the wall is a very powerful mirror where I can reflect in detail every aspect of my heart, mind and soul.

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