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Gilbert Kolosieke is an artist, photographer and tattoo designer based in North Carolina. Gilbert got plugged into the street art scene when he was hired to do a photo shoot in front of a mural at The Red Cinema, mistakenly tagging Marty Kotis on Instagram when the shoot was over (thinking he was the artist). That same day Gilbert met up with Marty and shortly after, Gilbert was commissioned to paint The Captain America piece that can be found at the Pig Pounder Brewery.

As a local Greensboro artist, he graduated Pre-Med from UNCG. As a photographer, scientist, and muralist— we aren’t saying he is Spider-Man, but we have never seen them in the same room together! While he always is looking for fellow creatives to collaborate with, he also teaches photoshop and photography lessons. His current work has been targeted towards photography and street art.

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north carolina, USA
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