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BellaPhame is a husband-and-wife art collective. Bella is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Phame is from Brooklyn, N.Y. Coming from different backgrounds, they began to merge their styles and varied influences building a new body of work that includes murals, collages and screen printing.


In 2017 they took a one year challenge that required them to create one paper collage each, per day (Collage365). This inspired them to explore new mediums and integrate the studio practice with their street art, bringing collage aesthetics to their murals. The purple and teal color palette adopted by the duo, as well as the word search game were a reflection of this experience. By portraying concepts that are part of their personal lives, they use themselves as elements in their work as a way to bring the viewer closer with the message they’re trying to convey.


They’re based in Porto, Portugal where they recently had two solo exhibitions. Their murals can be found in public spaces across the United States, Brazil and Europe. 

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